Welcome to my website. Here you'll find a few electronic and amateur radio projects that I'm currently working on, as well as a few other interests.

Moon Tracking

A stand-alone integrated moon position prediction tool.

Tx/Rx Sequencing

An end to the ignominy of blown GaAsFET Preamps.

2m EME Array

Some notes and photos of my current 144MHz EME Array.

144MHz Low Noise Amplifier

A very low noise receiver preamplifier for 144MHz EME.

Roger, Houston

A roger-beep built into a hand microphone.


A simple Precision Automatic Noise Figure Indicator (PANFI).

1296MHz Activities

My attempts to build a 1296MHz capability.


Thunderbolt 10MHz GPS-DO status monitor.


My antenna construction and earthworks Team Leader.


Moon Tracker ver 3
22/03/19 A new version.
144MHz EME Array
20/02/19 Resurrect the old 144MHz high gain antenna array.
06/11/17 Make allowances for the Thunderbolt date rollover issue.
1296MHz Activities
26/06/16 Antenna Improvements.
Moon Tracker ver 2
23/06/16 A new version.
1296MHz Activities
29/09/15 Build a small dish.
26/07/15 Low-noise Preamplifier Design.
1296MHz Activities
19/04/15 Power Amplifier Design.
1296MHz Activities
13/01/15 Design and build a tower for 3m parabolic dish.
30/09/14 LCD monitor for my Thunderbolt GPSDO.
02/08/14 A home-made Noise Figure Meter.
Moon Tracker Update
09/04/14 New rotator and better position feedback sensors added.
1296MHz Antenna
09/02/14 Begin construction of a 1296MHz feed horn for the 3m dish.
1296MHz Activities
28/01/14 After success at 144MHz, operation at 1296MHz is planned.
Moon Tracker Update
11/09/13 Added a Background Sky Temperature calculation into the Moon Tracker.
Moon Tracker Update
28/08/13 Just Added some software limits to rotation of motors.
Roger Beep installed
09/08/13 Added a Roger Beep to my radio.
Andy's Website
06/05/13 Start build of website.


Andy, VK3ANX
Yarra Valley, Australia