After several busy years and having moved into a new state, I felt it time
to re-vamp my website a little to show some more of my current electronic
and amateur radio related projects, as well as a few other interests.

So at the moment this site is a mixture of the old and the new. It will
change and grow depending on which project currently holds my attention.

50MHz projects


A simple antenna to cover the entire 50MHz Amateur band.

IC-7300 modifications and additions


IC-7300 modifications and additions.

475KHz projects


Some experiments with low frequencies.

Autonomous Antenna Controller

Moon Tracker

A stand-alone integrated moon position prediction and antenna positioner.

Transmit/receive sequencer

Transmit/Receive Sequencer

A controlled way to switch between transmit and receive to finally achieve an end to the ignominy of blown GaAsFET Preamps.

144MHz EME projects


Some notes and photos of my 144MHz EME System

1296MHz EME projects


My attempts to build a 1296MHz station

GPSDO projects


A Thunderbolt 10MHz GPS-DO status monitor.

PANFI projects


A simple Precision Automatic Noise Figure Indicator (PANFI).

Roger-beep project

Roger Beep

A roger-beep built into a hand microphone.



My antenna construction and earthworks Team Leader.

Contact Me

Any questions or queries about any of my projects? Drop me an email.
I am happy to answer questions, but I am not going to design and build
your project for you!